Floor Buffing Service for Properties in Texas

With so many workers moving around in your building, it is simple for your office floor to start looking worn out over time. Human traffic can cause your floors to appear older than they actually are by bringing in dust, dampness, and microorganisms. This is something you should avoid as a business owner because it creates a vibe that isn't favorable to any company. Having your floors routinely polished is the finest method to restore their luster. Yet, because to their training and equipment, cleaning specialists are ideally suited to undertake floor buffing in the workplace.

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Our Floor Buffing Process

Most people think that floor buffing is a cleaning method that makes the floor shine. However, with Valor Janitorial's unique buffing process, we can improve your floor's durability and performance as well. Our floor buffing process will depend on the type of floor we are handling. The entire procedure consists of the following steps:

Floor Buffing Process
Step 1: Before cleaning, we sweep up any dust or other debris on the floor.

Step 2: Choose the proper buffing pad and cleaning solution for the floor once it has dried. Products and pads from Valor Janitorial are designed to meet the requirements of various types of flooring:

Hardwood floors
Other non-carpeted floors
Step 3: Buffing the floor after applying the cleaning solution. To ensure that we cover the whole area, we will move the machine back and forth in rows across the floor.

Step 4: We'll sweep or mop the floor to get rid of any residue the cleaning agent left behind. To make sure that we have completely eliminated all traces of the cleaning agent, we could also use a wet vacuum.

Step 5: Your floors will be left shiny when we buff them with a final shine and polishing pad. You can take our service where we polish your flooring.

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