Professional Janitorial Services in Euless, TX

Valor Janitorial provides superior office cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, and janitorial services in Euless. Our vast industry experience shows, as we clean and maintain millions of square feet of commercial office space and manufacturing buildings. We are locally owned and operated. We specialize in cleaning security-sensitive technology businesses, office facilities, schools, and more, providing high-quality, environmentally conscious commercial cleaning services. Valor Janitorial takes pleasure in providing each client in Euless superior service, reliability, and customized cleaning solutions.

Let us know about your janitorial service needs or requirements in Euless. Call us at any time at 214-238-9550. We have the equipment, experience, and skilled crews to clean your commercial office space, floors, carpets, restrooms, lobbies and everywhere else to your complete satisfaction.

Cleaning Services in Euless By Valor Janitorial


We specialize in janitorial services for medium to large office buildings, arenas, schools and other facilities at unbeatable prices.


We offer nightly, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning options on your schedule to fit your business needs as well as disinfecting services.


Keep your tile, wood, stone, or other hard floor services glowing like when it was first installed.


Protect your carpet from dirt, stains, and other debris. Our cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet, especially in high-traffic areas.

Window cleaning

Cleaning windows is an important task that should be included in your regular cleaning routine. However, cleaning your windows properly isn’t always simple.

Professional Is Our Reputation

Trust Valor Janitorial to do the job properly and to your satisfaction. We're more thorough, more equipped and more dependable than in-house cleaning crews.

Stay stocked on supplies

Never run out of the essentials that you and your staff may overlook or suddenly need.

Save time and money

In-house cleaning delays, missed areas, supply shortages, no-shows, etc., are a waste you can't afford. Pay only for time spent cleaning by Valor Janitorial.

Why Choose Valor Janitorial

Why Choose Valor Janitorial in Euless, TX?

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Free estimates
  • Locally owned
  • Insured up to $1million

Rely on Valor Janitorial for Professional Cleaning in Euless

Valor Janitorial is your superior choice for professional cleaning services in Euless. For professional cleaning and janitorial services throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, call us at 214-238-9550 or contact us online.

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Over 90 Million Commercial Square Feet Successfully Cleaned

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Free Estimates
  • Locally Owned
  • Insured up to $1,000,000
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Valor Janitorial is not just about cleanliness, it’s about professionalism. Located in Dallas, Texas we provide full service cleaning for a variety of commercial organizations.

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