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Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Cyber Security Firm
Dallas, TX
November 14, 2019

Valor is fortunate to be able to earn the business of a large Cyber Security Firm here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Valor was able to provide all the extensive nationwide background check information needed to pass their security requirements to insure our customers satisfaction. Not only are now able to provide general office cleaning of the and elevators, restrooms, lobbies and conference rooms, but we also provided a detail clean including machine scrubbing the floors, in the data computer server rooms where all the information is stored.

Warehouse floor restoration
Plano, TX
November 4, 2019

This manufacturing/parts warehouse in the Plano/Frisco area had lots of oil spills and oil stains on it as well as old caution line striping that was no longer wanted. We were able to come in and deep scrub and buff the concrete floors to remove all grim, forklift tire marks, and stains that were left through the years. Once we were finished we were able to get a great shine from the finished floor.

Concrete grinding and finishing
Addison, TX
September 5, 2019

This is an aggregate concrete floor located in the middle of Dallas's Carrollton/Addison area, that had collected a lot of dirt and ware. Valor came in and used had grinders to remove the dirt and expose the aggregate. Once we were done grinding, we gave the surface a nice polish; giving the concrete a shinny mirror finish making it look more like a terrazzo or polished marble floor.

Floor scrub and restoration
Allen, TX
August 20, 2019

Sometimes a floor just needs a good scrubbing. Here Valor was able to go into a Financial/Accounting firm around the Allen/Plano area, to help restore the look of their floors to new. When we were finished with the floors you could see a night and day difference.

Fixed Base Operations- Airport
Dallas, TX
July 1, 2019

Excited to welcome our newest customer whose primary business is servicing private jets. 65,000 Square feet facility by Love Field Airport, cleaned 6 nights a week for some very influential customers. Class A clean through and through and ready for their customers! Our team of cleaners went through TSA security clearance and doing a great job!

Buff and wax flooring
Irving, TX
June 12, 2019

Buffing and waxing the hallways of this School/Academy was a great opportunity the Valor team had. The floor had just gotten dull and dirty through the years. We were able to come in and buff the floors removing all the grim. Then finished the tile floor off with wax for a clean shine.

Floor stripping and restoration
Irving, TX
March 16, 2019

These pictures of a high traffic break room/cafeteria that is in a manufacturing plant. Over the years the glue had started to come through the tile. We were able to get in there and strip the all the finish off of the floor and get a deep scrub/cleaning done on it.

Conference Floor stripping and refinishing
Dallas, TX
March 5, 2019

This was the main conference room that was used by the facility and the warehouse staff. Our crew came was able to get in and strip the floor off all the scuffs and grim that had built up. Some of the glue had come to the surface over the years, so we were able to hand scrape some areas to get it cleaned before applying the floor finish.

Warehouse Line Striping
Dallas, TX
February 22, 2019

We did a 10 inch wide shot blasting path on the existing safety lines to help get the remaining paint and grim off of the concrete. We then were able to paint brand new lines down the middle of the blasted path.

Safety line striping and parking lot striping
Carrolton, TX
February 13, 2019

An office park had multiple areas, where lines had just started to fade over time from wear and the elements. Our painters were able to go in and repaint/put down new line striping on the curbs for fire lanes, driving lanes and also the re-striped the parking garage - including the handicapped lanes.

Office Carpet Cleaning
Dallas, TX
February 6, 2019

This office buildings carpet had gotten dirty and discolored through the years. Here we were able to come in and shampoo/wash and scrub the carpet to help clean it and bring the color back to life.

Concrete work - replacing/repaving
Plano, TX
January 14, 2019

The building had been around awhile and the facilities sidewalks had started to shift and sink in certain areas. Our team was able to go out and fix/replace the concrete in certain spots, correcting the safety hazards, so their employees would not trip.

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