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Valor Janitorial takes great pride in providing an extensive range of commercial cleaning services to our esteemed clientele situated in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in delivering safe and effective cleaning solutions for medium to large office buildings. Our service coverage spans all major business parks and industrial districts within the DFW metroplex, which includes prominent office parks.

Our commercial janitorial specialists are well-trained to uphold a sanitized and clean atmosphere while employing our eco-friendly New Green Clean program. We provide commercial cleaning for diverse business sectors. Our team meticulously cleans and maintains millions of square feet in commercial office spaces, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial buildings throughout the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Cleaning

No matter the specific cleaning or janitorial needs of your business, Valor Janitorial offers a comprehensive service that includes:

  • A trained team of professionals
  • Quality control
  • Continuous customer service
  • Routine follow-ups
  • 24/7 Emergency support

commercial cleaning services

Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning Services by Industry

With Valor Janitorial, you can avail yourself of commercial cleaning services for a diverse range of facilities and businesses in Dallas, where we help to clean and maintain millions of square feet of commercial office space and manufacturing facilities.

Our team of qualified professionals can craft a personalized cleaning plan that meets the precise requirements of your facility, ensuring that you enjoy a well-ordered, germ-free, and hygienic working environment.

Types of Facilities Served

If you have any questions about janitorial or cleaning services for your property in the Greater Dallas - Fort Worth, TX Metroplex, contact Valor Janitorial today at 214-238-9550

FAQ on Commercial Cleaning

Hiring a professional company ensures that your workspace is consistently clean and sanitary. Professionals have the expertise, equipment, and cleaning agents to handle the unique challenges of commercial spaces, promoting a healthier and more productive work environment.

Our cleaning services typically cover a wide range of areas, including offices, conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms, lobbies, and other common areas. Additionally, services may include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and special event cleanup.

The frequency of commercial cleaning depends on factors such as the size of your business, foot traffic, and the nature of your operations. Most businesses opt for regular cleaning schedules, ranging from daily to weekly, while some may require more specialized services on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Yes, we prioritize sustainability. Valor Janitorial uses eco-friendly and safe cleaning products to minimize our environmental impact while providing effective cleaning solutions.

At Valor Janitorial, we prioritize safety. Our team follows industry-standard safety protocols, uses eco-friendly cleaning products, and undergoes regular training to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both our clients and our cleaning professionals.

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling and can work outside regular business hours to minimize disruption to your operations. This ensures that your workspace is clean and ready for the next business day.

When choosing a janitorial or cleaning company, consider factors such as experience, reputation, services offered, pricing, and client testimonials. Asking for recommendations and checking online reviews can also help you make an informed decision. Valor Janitorial is the company you should choose if you want all of these attributes.

The cost of commercial cleaning varies based on factors like the size of your space, the scope of services required, and the frequency of cleaning. Most reputable companies provide customized quotes after assessing your specific needs.

You can typically request a quote or schedule a consultation with our website, phone, or email. We also offer online forms for quick and convenient inquiries.

Valor Janitorial is available 24/7 to meet the needs of their clients. We offer flexible scheduling, including nightly cleaning and weekend cleaning.

Recently Completed Jobs

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Dallas, TX

The business manufactures airplane parts and needed a thorough dusting and cleaning of their floor. We use the auto scrubber to thoroughly clean the production floor, creating a safer and cleaner environment.

Fort Worth, TX

We were hired to do the cleaning during and after a major race in Fort Worth. We had crews on-site during the event to take care of the concourse, suites, seating areas, and parking/camping areas. After the event, we did a full, deep clean of the f...

Duncanville, TX

The local distribution center needed a deep cleaning to pass inspection. We cleaned under the racks, including trash removal and floor polishing. We did a full dust down of the racks. We swept and mopped the safety lines on the floor. The client was ...

Our customers love us!

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4.91 out of 50 reviews

Mansfield, TX

Great customer service and great cleaning service!

Dallas, TX

We partner with Valor to do church cleaning, small offices and other nightly or weekly cleaning. The clients are so grateful for clean spaces to work and worship.

Richardson, TX

Oh you guys do a fantastic job at my gym every week.

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