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Remove Dirt, Spots & Odor from Carpets in Dallas & Fort Worth

Carpets are one of the most essential and decorative additions to any home. However, over time these carpets get dirty, stained and start to make an unusual odor. That is why regular cleaning is required to keep the carpet fresh and clean and make it last longer. Getting rid of this dirt and odor might seem difficult to you. If you have a carpet at home and are tired of its nasty odors, simply contact Valor Janitorial.

Commercial places have benefited from our superior carpet cleaning services for years. Our well-trained and highly skilled crew has years of hand on experience in this field. Pour services are available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson, Arlington, Plano, and all the nearby areas in North Texas. We can help you out by removing any dirt, stain, and odor from your carpet. So contact us now at 214-238-9550.

Valor Janitorial’s Carpet’s Dirt, Spot & Odor Removal Process

According to your comfort, we can clean your carpet at your workplace without disrupting your work. By following those steps we remove all dirt, spot, and odor from your carpet_

  • First, we do a thorough inspection of your carpet to determine its condition. After, inspection we decide the cleaning process which is best for your carpet. We use dry cleaning first to clean your carpet.
  • Then we use baking soda and vinegar to remove old stains from your carpet. We also use different chemicals and reagents to remove stubborn stains like red wine, coffee, ink, etc.
  • If still there are any stains available, we will go for the hot water extraction method. It will remove all types of stains completely.
  • Then we apply a deodorization process to eliminate all usual odors from your carpet. We vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove all possible odors and dirt from your carpet.
  • Lastly, we use carpet protection to prevent mold and pest attacks and to make it last longer and at the same time, it will save carpets from excess human foot traffic.

Benefits of Carpet’s Dirt, Spot & Odor Removal

  • Increases the lifespan of your carpet
  • Makes the environment healthier
  • Improves the overall appearance of the place
  • Prevents bacteria and germs

To Make Your Life Healthier, Clean Your Carpet

Even the dirtiest, oddly stained, and odor or smelly carpet can be cleaned by our cleaners. With the use of cutting-edge tools, our qualified professionals can give you the best cleaning service possible.

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In addition to carpet dirt, stain, and odor removal, we also offer commercial cleaning, floor polishing, event cleaning, and many more. Simply call 214-238-9550 to avail of our services or click here to fix a schedule.