Choosing a Green Janitorial Service

What to ask for when choosing a green janitorial company.

Getting your office, building or facility cleaned in a “green” way is possible, but it will take questions of potential services to lead you to the correct environmentally responsible cleaning company.

Understand that most traditional cleaning products used in the past have been oil/petroleum based. While effective in cleaning, these products have proven to be less than helpful to our environment.

It is possible to have an environmentally friendly service clean your building but be aware of what you want, and don’t want, in your cleaning service.

Make sure they use products that are safe for the environment. It’s a simple question, just ask.
Ask about the use of anti-bacterial soaps and detergents. These are NOT necessarily good for the environment or individuals.
Make sure they avoid products that contain phosphates, isopropanol, and heavy metals.
Ask about their use of recyclable and paper products.
Make sure they are cleaning for your health, not just appearance.
If you are one of the ever-increasing businesses and building owners who are recognizing the importance of “Going Green” with their facility maintenance, we would love to discuss our options with you. Please email or call us.

- Jerri S.

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