Challenges of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It is time for spring cleaning, and many commercial facilities take this opportunity to clean their carpeting. One challenge for them is removing the gum, adhesives or similar soiling that have found their way onto the carpets. Even when it appears to have been removed, sometimes the sticky residue remains in the carpet, and the stain comes back.

Here are some solutions to the problem:

  • Scrape – A good start, but usually not the end – scrape off what you can see.
  • Cold – Freeze the gum and you can ‘chip’ it off.
  • Heat – Place an absorbent towel over the residue, and apply steam or just a hot iron. Hot water carpet extraction also does the trick.
  • Chemicals – use dry solvent (volatile or non-volatile) or gel solvent. Allow for dwell time then agitate the area with a scraper. Rinse with hot water and detergent.
  • Natural – A cloth soaked in water and vinegar left overnight in the problem area may also remove the adhesive.

Sometimes these steps have to be repeated to ensure all the residue has been removed from carpet fibers. Mix up the methods to find the best overall results.

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