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Tile Floor Cleaning and Polishing in Dallas, Texas

Tiles make great floor coverings for commercial establishments. They’re elegant, they’re durable and they’re relatively easy to maintain. However, human traffic, dust and spills can take their toll on your floors over the years. You’ll start noticing that routine cleaning doesn’t bring your floors back to their original form like it used to, giving your workplace a dated look and feel that’s not ideal for vibrant business operations.

If your tiles are looking worse for wear it’s time to call in the pros for fast, easy and stellar results. Valor Janitorial is the leading provider of tile floor cleaning and polishing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With decades of experience, modern equipment and the best methodologies in the industry, we are your top choice for all your floor cleaning needs.

Valor Janitorial, strip and wax job of VCT tile flooring in an office building hallway
Valor Janitorial, strip and wax job of VCT tile flooring in a school building hallway

When you call us in to clean and polish your tiles, our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your flooring. Based on the information we gather, we’ll recommend the best treatment for your tiles. We usually use a combination of water, steam and air pressure-based cleaning techniques to remove all impurities from your tiles and grout. We will then proceed to the gentle rinsing, drying and polishing of your floor space to give it the sparkle that it had the day you opened your business.

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