Don’t be Iced this Winter

As winter approaches, it’s prudent to make sure that your organization is prepared to take care of the ice that will build up, before it becomes a major inconvenience or hazard. You will want to apply ice melt before the storm.

If you wait until after the storm, it’s more difficult to go out and buy supplies, and you run the risk of your store being out of the ice melt you want to use. It’s important to plan ahead so you can keep your grounds free of ice.

Employees and visitors won’t have to contend with trying to park or walk on slippery surfaces if you take care of situation before it becomes a problem. Your grounds will look better, and keeping them free of ice will show people that you are responsible, considerate and mindful of their safety.

Traditionally, people have relied on ordinary rock salt, also known as sodium chloride. This treatment can melt the ice at temperatures approaching 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and is typically sufficient for general needs. However, in areas that receive higher traffic, such as sidewalks and entryways, you may prefer to use calcium chloride, which can melt the ice faster and perform well under colder conditions.

Whatever ice melt your organization decides to use, the most important thing is to plan ahead and lay in your supplies well before the first storm hits, so you aren’t caught off guard.