Combating Restroom Drain Odors

When your drain starts emanating suspicious smells, you can’t just hope the problem will disappear. Those stomach-churning odors are a sign that you will need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Fortunately, there are three odor-eliminating solutions that you can use in your quest for a cleaner drain: germicidal detergent, foaming drain maintainers, or mechanical pumps.

Germicidal detergents can be a great solution for foul-smelling drains. To use, simply pour the detergent down your drain to kill odor-causing germs. Make sure to pour all of the solution down your drain for optimal germ-killing results.

Another germ-busting solution for smelly drains is foaming drain maintainers, which contain live bacteria and enzymes that eat harmful bacteria and thus eliminate the smells they cause. The benefit of foaming drain maintainers is that they cling to the surface of your pipes, meaning that the solution has longer face time with germs.

Finally, for more stubborn drain odors, you can try using mechanical pumps. These devices work by dispensing enzymes, antimicrobials, or live bacteria in intervals to make sure that your drain gets TLC constantly throughout the day.

-Valor Janitorial Team Member