Celebrating Earth Day Everyday!

42 years ago, Earth Day was held for the first time so that we could become focused on making the world and our environment a better place. Since then, the “going green” movement has been in full swing, providing more and more viable options for a more organic way of life.This has been extended not only for food and fuel options, but in cleaning as well. Valor Janitorial Services continually provides natural and greener ways to get the job done. Focus is now on using less chemicals and less water, and the end result is the same clean without the toxins and chance of reactions. Valor has found ways to take new carpet cleaning wands, less toxic chemicals and moisture control technologies and create a safer way to clean offices across Dallas and Fort Worth.For a truly focused Earth Day, there needs to be minimization of using natural resources so as to protect and not over-use, to provide environmentally sound ways to provide services that are functional without them being overpriced, and a focus on creating a better planet for our children and our children’s children.-Valor Staff Member