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Customer: High-traffic Command Center in Multiple Story Building
Event: Ventilation System Cleaning
Services Provided: Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

Valor Janitorial conducted an air duct and vent cleaning project in Dallas, Texas. Prior to calling Valor Janitorial, the customer’s office employees had been complaining of increased allergy symptoms while in the office. The customer and cleaning crew also noticed the accumulation of dust each day despite regular nightly cleanings of the office. The consensus was that the dust accumulation might be part of the allergy issue with office employees.

The customer contacted Valor Janitorial and requested an inspection of their building’s ventilation system. Valor Janitorial used an infrared camera to inspect the building’s ventilation system and pinpointed air ducts and vents within the system that needed cleaning.

During the half-day air duct cleaning process, Valor Janitorial used specialized equipment to clean each one of the 30 air vents individually and cleaned the return and supply ducts in the air duct system. A power-driven rotary brush was used to knock the dust and debris in the ventilation system loose and then a powerful vacuum was used to suck the dust out of the building. The crew cleaned each of the return ducts by hand.

The results were immediate! The hand-cleaned vents were visibly clean and the indoor air quality was greatly improved. The cleaning crew also noticed less dust accumulation at the end of each day. With the help of Valor Janitorial, the customer reported being happy with the air duct cleaning services and noticed an immediate improvement with their indoor air quality. Valor Janitorial is proud to offer a wide variety of janitorial and office cleaning services to our clients.

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