Waxing Tips for Hard Floor Surfaces

If you have ever had to strip and wax a hard floor then you know personally the intense labor that goes into the process.  If you have had to pay someone you know that the cost can be extensive as well.  Unfortunately, stripping and waxing VCT floors is a necessary evil . This brief blog will focus on providing some easy steps that will allow you to maintain your hard floor surface in a manner that will decrease the frequency in which you will have to strip and wax those floors.

Maintenance is the key. The less effort you put into taking care of your floor after stripping and waxing, the more frequently you will have to strip and wax it.

Floors should be dust mopped daily and cleaned with a ph7 cleaner in order to reduce surface dirt. Surface dirt creates a situation that increases the chances of the floor being scuffed or damaged.

Another easy measure to increase the life of your floor wax is to use mats. The use of mats, especially in high traffic areas will provide significant protection for your floor.

Routinely burnishing (high-speed polishing) will also help maintain a polished floors luster. When light scratches appear the use chemical free scrubbing is a great option. Scrubbing and recoating a floor can be far less costly than a full strip and wax.

The key is to plan ahead and implement a maintenance program before problems arise. If you need help with this, we would be happy to help.