Janitorial Services Tip: Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing for long periods can reduce productivity in the workplace. Pain caused by standing for too long is attributed to costing American companies billions of dollars per year. Many manufacturers and other employers that require employees to stand for long periods at a time are now using anti-fatigue mats to battle these problems.

An anti-fatigue mat provides balance and support to reduce fatigue in the legs, feet and back. They also promote healthy blood circulation, which keeps the lower extremities healthy. If you do not protect your bones and joints while you can, you can experience extreme pain and disability later in life. Standing for long periods can cause these problems, so if you have to stand for long periods at a time, invest in an anti-fatigue mat.

When you are shopping for an anti-fatigue mat, make sure it is made from high quality material and regains its shape fairly quickly after you stand on it. A mat that takes a long time to regain its shape may not provide the comfort you are looking for.

Anti-static mats are available if you work in an area where static electricity from some types of flooring can cause problems. There are a wide variety of mats available for any type of floor space. Check the quality of the mat and the warranty and choose colors that complement your floor and other furnishings. If you need assistance, we are always here to help you.