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Living and working in a clean environment is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Employees can better concentrate on their tasks if the workplace is kept neat and clean. Maintaining a clean office or facility requires consistency, time, and effort. That's obviously difficult to maintain.

Fortunately, a few organizations specialize in providing cleaning services at affordable prices and timeframes. In Greenville, TX, Valor Janitorial offers you high-quality janitorial services. With years of experience, we become the name of the trust. So, if you need reliable and quality cleaning services make a call at 214-238-9550 or contact us online.


Services We Offer

It sometimes seems that hiring a cleaning company is costly. In reality, this can save money. Your own cleaners would require training, equipment, and benefits. Valor Janitorial takes care of all these factors for you.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Valor Janitorial offers top-tier office cleaning services that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. We are committed to providing a professional and spotless environment in your office, which will promote productivity and employee well-being.

Our experienced team uses cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to achieve superior results while minimizing environmental impact. We handle everything from routine janitorial services to specialized ones like carpet cleaning or floor cleaning.

Event Cleaning

The success and safety of any event, whether it is a concert or festival, a trade show, or a sporting event, depends on the cleanliness of the venue. Valor Janitorial specializes in comprehensive event cleaning. We ensure that each corner is clean and welcoming. Trade shows and convention halls need to be meticulously maintained to ensure a professional environment for both exhibitors and attendees.

Spills and debris are part of the challenges that come with sporting events, ball games, and arenas. Our cleaners have the experience to clean up the mess and prepare the venue for the next event.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

We go beyond the simple cleaning of your floors. We provide a complete service for your commercial flooring needs. We offer routine maintenance to ensure a clean environment. This includes everything from the everyday wear and tear on concrete and tiles to the needs of laminates and wood.

We even provide specialized care for delicate stone floors. Valor can also tackle tough jobs, such as removing oil stains or grease build-up. We can clean and maintain high-traffic areas such as warehouses and garages. Our certified professionals know that each floor needs a specific type of care, no matter what the material.

Construction Cleanup

Valor Janitorial understands the chaos that lingers after construction. Our construction cleanup service tackles the mess so you can focus on what matters. We handle everything from taking away heavy debris. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Trash Hauling: We efficiently remove all construction waste ensure proper disposal and keep your site compliant with regulations.
  • Dust Removal: We remove lingering construction dust from walls, ceilings, and ventilation systems, which is a major health concern.
  • Deep Cleaning: We meticulously clean every surface, from windows to floors. Our cleaners will leave your space sparkling clean and ready for use.

Valor Janitorial prioritizes a safe and healthy environment. Let us handle the cleanup, so you can move forward with your project with confidence.

How Often Should Your Office Be Cleaned?

Keeping your office clean is vital, but how often? It depends! The number of employees, industry, and client traffic all play a role. High-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms need daily attention, while general cleaning can be done weekly. Consider a bi-weekly deep clean and biannual floor polishing. During cold and flu season, step up disinfection! Consulting a pro like Valor Janitorial ensures a customized plan for a sparkling, healthy workspace.

Green Cleaning Practices to Avoid Environmental Impact

Valor Janitorial is committed to sustainable practices. Our Green Clean system is designed to maximize cleanliness and safety while minimizing environmental impact. Our staff is trained to use eco-friendly products and we implement a process that is efficient from the beginning.

Our green cleaning services are available for a wide range of business types. Our green cleaning services can help you achieve your goals, whether you are aiming to obtain LEED certification or just want to project an image of responsibility.

Going green has many benefits beyond the environment. Our clients enjoy improved indoor air quality, lower healthcare costs, and increased productivity. 

Rely on Valor Janitorial for Cleaning Services

Having an in-house janitorial service is not necessary if you want your office to be in the finest possible shape. Valor Janitorial can help you save money while also providing you with access to the latest cleaning equipment and personnel. With offices and commercial spaces located in Greenville, Caddo Mills, Royse City, and other nearby areas, we're ready to help. Give us a call at 214-238-9550 or contact us online to know more about cleaning services.

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