Extend the Time Between Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The economic uncertainty over the past few year has had many Dallas – Fort Worth based companies tightening there belt. Janitorial services is one line item that companies have look at to cut cost. One area that often gets cut is costly steam cleaning of commercial carpets. However, there are ways to reduce expenses without sacrificing the look of a properly cleaned floor and extend the time between steam cleaning commercial carpet.

The Need for Regular Vacuuming

The carpet is one thing that people will often neglect to clean. Deep cleaning carpet is hard work and it can be expensive. Keeping the carpet vacuumed and free from dirt will ensure that the need to deep clean will be less of a need. Dirt has a way of making into the deep parts of the carpet. Frequently vacuuming the area will keep the dirt from penetrating deep into the carpet and pad. It is recommended that the vacuuming of highly traveled areas should take place once a day. Of course, don’t forget the need to have a properly filtered vacuum cleaner so there is no new dust put into the air.

Taking Care of the Spot

Water is one thing that can attract dirt and create a spot that will be visible to everyone. Businesses and high traveled areas can usually get away with having a few small spots. If those spots are left untreated they will only add to the number as time goes along. Taking care of a spot and removing it promptly will keep the carpet looking great. The spot should be removed as soon as it is found. The long a spot is left is the carpet the harder it will be to get it out. Any spot cleaner should be tested in a corner to ensure that there is no discoloring.


Encapsulation cleaning is a method of keeping the carpets looking great between deep cleans. It is the professional way of taking care of business. This method uses a encapsulate to soak up lose dirt and soils in the carpet fibers. This makes vacuuming a more effective force in keeping the carpets clean properly between costly deep cleans.

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