Emergency Water Damage Control

A water pipe can burst at any time, especially in an older building. As an owner or manager of a commercial building it is your responsibility to respond with emergency damage control if this should happen.

Here are steps you should take if a pipe bursts within your building.

control the flood by shutting off the main source of your water supply. This is usually located near the main service pipe or in the utility closet.

Locate the break in the pipe and patch it on the spot, provided you have the right tools to do so. Small cracks are relatively quick to patch over. Larger cracks, or ones that occur to the main pipe need to be dealt with more carefully. In these instances, be sure to call for backup support from another plumber to ensure that the work is done to the best of your ability.

Be sure to capture any damage done onto a video or photo camera to supply to the insurance company along with your claim.

Regular maintenance can prevent water pipes from bursting, but when one does, be sure to have the necessary tools at hand to minimize the potential damage.