Concrete Floor Cleaning Process and Tips

Concrete floors are a popular option for flooring in homes.. Even though it used to be considered outdoor floor material in the past, people are giving their interior a new look with concrete flooring. There are plenty of good reasons for that as concrete floors are stylish, decorative, easy to clean, easy to maintain as long as you seal correctly and are extremely durable.

Not all concrete floors are the same. Different concrete floors have different approaches to their cleaning. Here we will talk about cleaning two primary types of concrete floors - decorative concrete floor and standard concrete floor.

Decorative Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor Cleaning Process and Tips from Valor Janitorial

Decorative concrete floors are stain-resistant and highly durable. These floors will last as long as you live, given that you maintain them properly. There are few things you should do to preserve your decorative concrete floors such as -

  • Sweep the floor properly and then use a dust mop to clear the floor from any additional dirt or debris.
  • Mop floors with warm water solution. Just use dish wash soap or any mild soap or detergent in the warm water. Do not use any harsh chemicals, vinegar, ammonia etc., as these can ruin the shine of your floor.
  • Remember to mop the floor in small sections and wring out additional water solution from the mop before starting. After cleaning the whole place, repeat the process of moping again for perfection.

To keep the shine, your concrete floor may need rebuffing occasionally. Make sure to reseal the floor every 3 to 4 years to keep it in good condition. You could buy an expensive buffer and sealant to do the job yourself, but some things like floor buffing and floor sealing should be left to professionals. Doing it yourself could accidentally damage your floor as you might not have the proper knowledge like professional floor cleaners likes us. Remember to contact Valor Janitorial for the best outcome.

Standard Concrete Floor

Standard Concrete Floor

As standard concrete floors are primarily for exterior purposes (mostly garages), they should be swept regularly. For better maintenance, you should give your standard concrete floor deep cleaning. Here's how you can clean the floor to keep it in optimum condition -

  • Clean and sweep the entire area of dust and debris.
  • Hose down the whole area, giving special attention to cracks that could contain stubborn dust. Also clean the corners attentively, as dirt and grime tend to build up in the corners.
  • Now use a cleaner suitable for concrete cleaning and scrub the floors. Rinse again with high pressure.

Standard concrete floors are incredibly durable, and a little maintenance work will keep them in perfect condition for a long time. But we know that after time the floors will get dirty, and you might need to use a power washer for cleaning. Try not to attempt to do it alone as you could damage your concrete floors. Instead, call us at Valor Janitorial, and we will clean the floors for you. We are professional and experienced and can execute the work flawlessly.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Service with Valor Janitorial

At Valor Janitorial, we are an award-winning, IICRC certified company, and we have expertise in cleaning and maintaining all types of floors. Our time-tested technology and excellent crew make us a top-notch company to look for. So, why waste time when you can have us over and do the job of cleaning your concrete floor at a lucrative price?

Contact us online or call us today at 214-238-9550 for all your floor cleaning needs in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Valor takes care of every type of floor service including floor buffing, floor sealing, carpet cleaning, carpet protection, and more.

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