Commercial Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There are as many opinions on how to best vacuum a room as there are custodians. Even so, a few tips come up again and again. Here are some of these popular methods:

Large rooms should be vacuumed with long, overlapping strokes. The widest available vacuum cleaner should be used to minimize both the amount of work involved and the amount of marks left behind.

Smaller rooms can be vacuumed with the same type of back-and-forth motion or by standing on one spot and moving the machine outward in a daisy-like pattern. For the latter method, rock back and forth from your waist instead of moving your arm and shoulder. This will be much easier on your body because it uses your larger muscles to do the work.

If you use a backpack vacuum, use your core muscles to do the work for all sizes of rooms.

For heavily soiled areas like the spot in front of the main door or anywhere people congregate, use a vacuum with a dual motor. This will ensure that the machine’s beater bar has enough power to dislodge the dirt.

Once the main part of the room is cleaned, take care of the details. Vacuum around the walls, heavy furniture and other stationary objects. Use an attachment hose or smaller vacuum if necessary.

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