AF315 Review

If you’re looking for a quality cleaning product that can make your floors sparkle, AF315 is a quality solution for you. This product is versatile, as it can be applied to a variety of floors, including resilient tile, plastic, porcelain, ceramic tile and even nonporous materials.

At its core, AF315 is a disinfectant that kills a variety of bacteria, including salmonella and staph, infection inducing agents. Not only does this product provide cleaning abilities, it does it efficiently, not leaving any sort of grease, film or haze. This allows you to use the product on your floors without worrying about any visitors or employees seeing unsightly blemishes in your otherwise clean floors. For this reason, it’s a quality solution not only for disinfecting, but the cosmetic cleaning of your office surfaces.

AF315 gives a pleasant citrus aroma that allows your office to get rid of any harsh odors that otherwise plague your office building. This is especially useful in the bathroom when cleaning toilets and sinks. As a tool for cleaning, it doesn’t get any better than AF315. It’s an industrial strength cleaning product that allows you to get the best clean available for either your office or your home. Not only will it keep your floors clean and free of bacteria, it provides cosmetic features that make using it frequently worthwhile.