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Valor January 2015 NewsletterValor January 2015 Newsletter
Valor Janitorial wishes all customers a happy and prosperous new year! And...a quote from an ancient Latin writer influences Valor Janitorial to be the best they can possibly be!

Valor October 2014 NewsletterValor October 2014 Newsletter
Brandon Hayes CEO of Valor Janitorial Services wishes Valor customers a Happy Halloween and says we can make the switch to a new service provider a pleasant experience.

Valor July 2014 NewsletterValor July 2014 Newsletter
Brandon Hayes CEO of Valor Janitorial Services wishes Valor customers a Happy Fourth of July and says office cleaning and floor care is not all we do!

Spring has Sprung! Spring has Sprung!
Brandon Hayes CEO of Valor Janitorial Services, sends a spring time spring cleaning message to Valor Janitorial customers.

Love is in the air!Love is in the air!
CEO of Valor Janitorial Services, Brandon Hayes sends his valued customers a Valentine's Day message and counts the ways that Valor loves it's customers.

Slack-Jawed with amazement!
Valor Janitorial CEO, Brandon Hayes shares his encouraging outlook for 2014. Valor delivers, customer service that will leave you slack jawed with amazement!

Change doesn't have to be as spooky as Halloween
By taking your business to Valor, you never have to worry that you’re taking a blind step in the dark. By bringing your needs to a single janitorial solutions provider like Valor, you’ll discover that you can accomplish a handful of things you ma

DFW's Most Trusted Name in Commercial Cleaning and Emergency Services
Our innovative cleaning solutions combine new technologies with environmental awareness, making the mop and bucket routine as old fashioned as a shag carpet.

Flu Season Tips
The threat of catching the flu inspires even the most cautious people to increase their protection against infection.

December Carpet Cleaning Special
At Valor Janitorial, we recognize that each carpet we clean is as unique as the company that owns it. We take a customized approach to carpet cleaning by analyzing the particular needs of your business

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