Professional Janitorial Services in Highland Park, TX

With over 90 million commercial square feet successfully cleaned, Valor Janitorial is the industry leader when it comes to professional cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Highland Park. We serve hundreds of client companies from a wide range of industries including high-rise office spaces, hospitals, and medical offices, sports complexes, production plants and factories, and more. 

First-Rate Cleaning By Valor Janitorial

Here’s a list of the solutions and services we offer our clients:

  • Janitorial Services – Valor Janitorial offers the widest range of services for professional cleaning in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, classified by industry. Whatever your property is, our teams have been trained and prepared to handle any challenge. Some of the facilities we serve include commercial buildings, property management companies, large single- and multiple-tenant office facilities, and call centers. We also service museums and other educational facilities, sports complexes, and more. 
  • Office Cleaning – All of Valor Janitorial’s cleaning crews receive written, hands-on, and classroom instruction in order to provide top-notch office cleaning and maintenance for office spaces of all sizes. We also offer nightly cleaning, janitorial supplies, and water damage restoration. 
  • Floor Cleaning and Polishing – Whether your commercial space floor is made with tile, wood, concrete or marble, Valor Janitorial can make it gleam and shine again, no matter how old the building is! We offer customized floor maintenance programs to create strong first impressions for any visitors and potential clients entering your facility. In addition to cleaning, we also offer restoration and refinishing for high-traffic areas such as breakrooms and cafeterias, lobbies, and hallways. 
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Carpets are essential to many commercial properties as a way to reduce workplace noise in the background, such as in a call center. They can be a challenge to clean and maintain, but Valor Janitorial is prepared to take on commercial carpet cleaning jobs of any size and scope. We specialize in hot water extraction, encapsulation, and traffic lane cleaning. 
  • Window Cleaning – Keep your outlook clear and your exteriors brilliant with Valor Janitorial’s window cleaning service. We guarantee faster cleaning that is safe for you and your windows, regardless of their type, size and location. 

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Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Services and Products with Green Clean

Valor Janitorial’s Green Clean service is our company’s way of aiding the environment and reversing the adverse effects of waste and pollution. With Green Clean, our crews are trained in the latest techniques and processes to ensure that less waste is produced while cleaning your facilities, and are supplied with cleaning solutions and equipment, paper products, mops and matting that are certified safe for the environment. 

Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that indoor air quality is 3 to 5 times more harmful than outdoors, and rates poor indoor air quality as one of the top 5 health risks in the modern age. By using environmentally-safe products, our Green Clean process not only improves your commercial property’s indoor air quality, it also drives down healthcare costs and lowers absenteeism rates, leading to an overall increase in productivity. 

For Exceptional Cleaning, Call Valor Janitorial

Hundreds of companies choose Valor Janitorial when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their production spaces. Make the switch to a proven professional today and call us at 214-238-9550. You may also view our Contact Us page online for more methods of getting in touch.  


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