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In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there’s only one name you should trust when it comes to office cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, and janitorial services. Valor Janitorial is proud to be locally owned and operated. Our crews also have successfully cleaned more than 90 million square feet of commercial space at local offices and manufacturing facilities. We offer 24/7 on-call emergency services and customized cleaning solutions for a number of clients, including security-sensitive technology companies, offices, schools, and more in Frisco, Texas.

Why Choose Valor Janitorial

Why Choose Valor Janitorial?

Green is in. The standards for commercial cleaning are shifting towards more environmentally-friendly and ecological solutions, with Valor Janitorial leading the move. With the mindset of preserving the environment for generations to come, Valor Janitorial has developed a Green Clean process that provides training and education for our crew members as well as environmentally-friendly cleaning products, mops, matting, and equipment. We seek to provide the safest, greenest cleaning solutions possible. Whether your company’s goal is to become more ecologically friendly or to earn LEED certification, our services can assist you.

Valor Janitorial offers more than just quality and environmentally conscious cleaning solutions; we pride ourselves on reliable services and a b reputation with testimonials from hundreds of satisfied clients. Our commercial cleaning crew members receive rigorous training that includes written, classroom, and hands-on instruction in order to provide the best services possible to all our customers. Each and every Valor Janitorial team that comes on-site is prepared to tackle all kinds of cleaning jobs, big or small.

Our Services

At Valor Janitorial, we offer a number of commercial cleaning solutions to suit every need.


If you're in need of janitorial services and want to find the best value for your money, Valor Janitorial is the right pick for you. We have a team of cleaning professionals and an efficient internal control system to provide top quality services for you.

Floor Buffing and Stripping

You can’t put a price on a first impression. Your floors are often the first thing that visitors notice when they enter the building. Keep your floors spic and span with our custom floor maintenance program.


Protect your carpet from dirt, stains, and other debris. Our cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet, especially in high-traffic areas.


We offer nightly, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning options on your schedule to fit your business needs as well as disinfecting services.

Green Cleaning

Caring for the environment ensures the future. Go green now with Valor Janitorial’s Green Clean process.

Janitorial Supplies

We provide high-quality janitorial supplies for medium and large offices and facilities.

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To inquire about the best in innovative cleaning solutions,Contact Usonline or give us a call at 214-238-9550 .Free estimates are available within our service area, including Frisco, TX. You can trust that Valor Janitorial strictly adheres to modern sanitation standards and our teams use only premium, environmentally-friendly cleaning products,and state-of-the-art methods. It’s called The Ne

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