Spring has Sprung!

CEO of Valor Janitorial Services, Brandon Hayes sends a spring time message to Valor Janitorial customers.

Hello Friends,

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a distinct thaw in the air. The days are getting longer, and the grass is getting greener. That can only mean one thing: spring has sprung! With yet another flip of the calendar page, the month of March has finally arrived – bringing with it the welcome arrival of warmer temperatures and brighter skies. It also means it’s high time to do some much needed spring cleaning.

Before you groan or shake your head in denial, let me first tell you this: nobody’s asking you to do it all by yourself! After all, that’s the reason places like Valor Janitorial exist – to help you keep your surroundings spic and span.

Not sure how much cleaning your warehouse or facility needs? Here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction and to help you determine just how much spring cleaning you’ll require. First, take a tour through your entire facility. You don’t need to don a pair of white gloves and face mask, but you do need to put your proverbial inspector’s hat on. As you perform your walk-through, pay close attention to the overall condition of your facility and take note of certain areas that are in dire need of cleaning.

Look for...

  • Floors that have lost their once-sparkling shine and have taken on a lackluster look.
  • Break room appliances and vending machines in need of detailing.
  • Communal couches and break room chairs with fabric backing that require vacuuming, steam cleaning, or wiping down.
  • Carpets that are overdue for some serious, in-depth shampoo action.
  • Bathroom dispensers that need to be updated.Valor Janitorial, Spring has Sprung!
  • Office blinds, desks, and computers that have collected dust.
  • Windowsills or entry thresholds that appear more forbidding than they do welcoming.
  • Warehouse storage racks or floors that have become dirty or grimy through the course of winter.

Once you’re done with your initial inspection, take action to ensure the arrival of spring doesn’t catch you off guard. Remember, a clean environment not only helps your employees stay healthy by keeping the harmful germs at bay, but it also helps boost general morale. Not to mention, holding meetings with prospective clients in a building that looks like it’s been shut up for the winter doesn’t exactly drive big time business.

If you’re ready to shake the cobwebs free on your facility, get in touch with us at Valor Janitorial. Let us do your spring cleaning for you! We offer everything from commercial carpet cleaning and detailed floor polishing to emergency services. We can even set you up with our nightly office cleaning services that will keep your building looking sharp all through winter, spring, summer and fall. To set up a free consultation, pick up the phone and give us a call at 214.703.8060, or send an email to admin@valorjanitorial.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Brandon Hayes
CEO and Guy in Charge, Valor Janitorial Services