Professional office cleaning and floor care is not all we do!

Brandon Hayes CEO of Valor Janitorial Services wishes Valor customers a Happy Fourth of July and says office cleaning and floor care are not the only services that Valor has to offer customers!

Hello Friends,

For years, Valor Janitorial has been the go-to company for hundreds of local businesses in need of prompt and professional office cleaning and floor care services. But did you know that’s not all we do?

When it comes to keeping your business stocked to the gills with necessary supplies - from core cleaning products to hand sanitation stations - we’re the ninjas you’ve been looking for.

Check out what Valor can do for you that few other janitorial services offer...

  • Supplies galore. We work diligently to ensure your location is well stocked with all of the necessary supplies you and your employees require on a daily basis - including hand sanitizers, paper towels, toilet paper, recycle bins, even plastic utensils and napkins for common eating areas.
  • Crazy convenience. Who wants to deal with the headache of ensuring company supply closets are always stocked and ready to go? Surely you’ve got better things to do. That’s why we take care of this by keeping a running inventory, ordering necessary supplies, and stocking you up.
  • Reliability. When you partner with Valor, you’ll never be stuck waiting on a backorder of supplies. We have a huge warehouse where we keep those supplies on hand - all the better to guarantee you’ll never run out or be left waiting.Valor Janitorial, Happy Fourth of July message
  • Great price. Our established relationships with some of the largest suppliers in the janitorial supplies industry ensure we get the best product at super low cost so that we can pass those savings straight to you.
  • Expertise. We pride ourselves on being at the top of our game when it comes to educating our staff on the most efficient methods of keeping your workplace sanitary and safe. Most of the time, we can even replace broken or outdated dispensers with modern units at absolutely no cost to you. Tell us your needs and wants, and we’ll find the right solution to satisfy them.

To take advantage of our unmatched ability to keep you well-stocked on supplies, give us a call at 214-238-9550 or send us an email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Brandon Hayes
CEO and Guy in Charge, Valor Janitorial Services