Flu Season Tips

With the recent flu outbreak we are getting increasingly more questions about how business can keep their most value resource (their people) safe and working. We would like to share some information about how we are helping our clients and some tips that you can use in your office.

Keeping Employees Healthy

Especially this time of year, the threat of catching the flu inspires even the most cautious people to increase their protection against infection. With the recent outbreak of flu virus, the dangers of catching these subtypes of influenza virus are even more apparent. Additional safety measures are necessary to ward off flu contraction, as the virus does not discriminate in choosing its victims, threatening healthy young and middle aged adults, as well as those already more susceptible to infection (children, the elderly, and those immunosuppressed). Many have taken to disinfecting their homes on a regular basis and providing alcohol-based sanitizer products (such a Purell) to their family. But what about those environments over which you have little to no control in terms of cleanliness? Most adults spend eight hours per day at their work site, often with no knowledge of how well the surfaces in which they regularly come into contact are cared for and sanitized.

As the decision-maker when it comes to the health and safety of your business’ employees, this responsibility must be taken seriously and attention to detail is paramount. Even if you have a regular cleaning crew tending to your business, it is important to understand what precautions are in place to reduce the chances of infection, especially when dealing with the public. Do you know how your janitorial service provider protects you and your employees from the flu?

Valor Janitorial encourages all of our valued clients to utilize the expertise our knowledgeable and caring staff has to offer! Whether the solution is to keep additional janitorial products on hand for your employees to utilize (such as anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, heavy duty antibacterial soap for your restrooms and kitchens, etc.), or increasing your on-site cleaning rotations to ensure all high traffic areas are tended to regularly, thus reducing the risk of transmitting infection among employees, Valor can adjust your cleaning protocol to best protect your business.

It isn’t enough anymore to simply ensure that your lobby is sparkling clean and your trashes are emptied on a regular basis. Not having the right sanitation measures in place can result in compromising the most important component in your company: the people.