3 Common Mistakes Unreliable Commercial Cleaning Companies Make

Looking for a trustworthy commercial cleaning company can be difficult, especially when there are hundreds of businesses claiming to be “experts”. However, you can easily separate the pros apart from those who aren’t because posers are guilty of making these 3 common mistakes while cleaning:

1. Ignore Items that “Look and Smell” Clean

The look and smell tests are how most people judge the cleanliness of an item. However, you can’t always rely on your senses to determine if something is clean or not.

Even if your valuables don’t look filthy, it’s still possible that germs, bacteria, and other contaminants are thriving on their surfaces. The experts know this very well, so they take an extra step and disinfect everything in the area.

2. Use the Wrong Cleaning Product or Method

Professional cleaning companies are well-versed with the various flooring, furniture, and upholstery materials used in commercial establishments. Because of this, they know which cleaning product is safe to use and how to properly apply it. This way, they won’t damage any of your property, and they’ll make each item look as good as new.

If the company you hired is inexperienced, they might only be using one product to clean your walls and floors. This, in turn, can damage and discolor surfaces and fabrics like carpets or area rugs.

3. Aren’t Careful with the Items They’re Cleaning

One thing that sets professional cleaners apart from the rest is that they value the property that they are cleaning. They know that all the items you own have an important function, so they’re always careful whenever they’re carrying out their tasks.

Cleaners who are reckless or aren’t aware of their surroundings can damage your property and even create more mess. They might even be indifferent to the problems they’ve caused.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is an investment for your establishment, so you have to be vigilant when searching for the right one. You want to make sure that the one you choose is reliable, trustworthy, and has a good track record. After all, you want to get the best value out of your hired service.

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